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Incarnation® takes seriously the duty to plant beauty in places where the fruit of the efforts will not be seen in our lifetime.  If we are to reawaken, through the arts, our culture to its rich heritage and its ultimate purpose, we must practise a determined patience.  Cathedrals were built over generations, and the rebuilding of our society will require nothing less.

-Emily Crase

Mission & Objectives

Incarnation Ministries® supports artists, culture makers and theologians doing work that is infused with the Beauty, Goodness, and Truth of the Triune God. Incarnation® sees the beauty of the created world needing to be planted and nurtured in a societal desert. Incarnation® has raised financial support for artists, culture makers and theologians of all disciplines, giving them the opportunity to produce works of the highest calibre possible.

Incarnation® develops, promotes, funds, administers, creates, operates, and carries on activities and programs that contribute to the advancement of the creative arts and culture. Recipients of the charity’s funds need to demonstrate superior artistic, scholarly, or transformational work that is infused with Trinitarian meaning. The purpose of all these efforts is to inspire Beauty which encourages the practice of Goodness and the discernment of Truth.

Incarnation Ministries® operates as two separate but related charities in Canada and the United States. In 2003, the Canadian charity was formed and has since that time disbursed approximately $15 million to artists, culture makers and theologians in Canada. The US charity was formed in April 2022 and has had an exciting start. The work of Incarnation® continues to promote Trinity-infused arts and culture through sponsoring both arts and cultural events and the artists and culture makers who make it all possible.

We hope that you wish to join us in this vital work.

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Meet our Board of Directors

Emily Crase

Emily Crase has served as the Executive Director of Incarnation Ministries® (Canada) since 2021.

Greg Pennoyer

Greg Pennoyer has served on the Incarnation® Board of Directors since 2021.

Dr. Michael Boldt

Dr. Michael Boldt has served on Incarnation’s® Board of Directors since 2003.

David Jennings

David Jennings founded the Canadian charity Incarnation Ministries® in 2003 and served as its Executive Director until his retirement in March 2021.

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